Happy Clients

Here’s what some of the other clients I work with have to say:

“Denise is wonderful. Of course she can write but so can many others. What we love about working with Denise is that she nails it. Every time. When she writes a blog post or a web page for one of our clients she picks a unique topic that are engaging. Her headings pull you in. Her leading sentences are interesting – you want to read more. The sentences that follow reveal relevant information to questions that were in your mind but vaguely. Answers become crystal clear as you read each paragraph. Ah-ha moments occur often when you read what Denise has written.

In addition to the quality of her writing, Denise never makes a mistake with grammar and spelling. This is critical for us because we don’t like to proofread and check every detail. We just want to copy and post.

If you get a chance to hire Denise, please do. You will be impressed. She is prompt and a joy to work with. Her secret is that she loves to share her gift of using words to express ideas and concepts. You have to pay for her talent but it is well worth the investment.”
~ Jeff Nelson, President & CEO, Anduro Marketing
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