Here’s a shocker — the customer is ALWAYS right

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February 10, 2019

How can anyone not know that?  had a miserable dining experience at a Calgary restaurant on Friday evening with a girlfriend. In fact, it was the all-time worst dining experience — and I’ve eaten in a lot of restaurants. What’s surprising about it is that the venue receives rave revues, is a finalist on a Netflix show and is often fully booked. Interesting. You couldn’t pay me to go back. Why?

Where shall I start? How about at the beginning? I was just removing my coat and about to be seated wheBad Servicen the hostess advised me that there was something she called a ‘time constraint’ on our reservation. We had 90 minutes to ‘enjoy’ our dinner. When our server arrived — she was overstretched between her tables — I complained. She said she was sorry. She helped us to order what she said were the best dishes on the menu — and then said she thought that was enough, that we should be able to finish eating her recommendations in our allotted time. WTH? One of our dishes was slightly burnt and we sent it back. The GM arrived to advise us ‘that the dish was not burnt. It was cooked the way it was supposed to be, and he would remove it from our bill.’ We wanted another one and he refused to provide it. The rest of the food was good, not incredible, but quite good.

At 10 minutes before our 90 minute ‘time constraint’ was up, we were told our stay was coming to an end. We complained again — and after many sorries, we left — still hungry. We walked across the street to a long-standing French restaurant, Fleur de Sel, which has graced Calgary with its good food and treatment of customers as people and friends, not commodities, for the past 25-30 years. 

Clearly,  current success and press clippings have gone to the collective heads running the first establishment. That doesn’t bode well for its longevity. I’ll say my good-bye now.

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