It's not enough to be noticed.
Combine facts with heart to tell your story.
Make believers of them - they'll connect, act on it and share it.
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It's tempting - and easy - to recite a laundry list of what your company does. But it's far more effective to share a story about how you solved a client's problem. Help your audience to picture themselves as your client.

Legacy Writing

Expert storytelling for individuals or organizations. Whether you want to gather your memories and share your hopes for the future with your family or create an organizational legacy, I can help you.
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I also get a little help from my friends by leveraging two decades of award-winning publishing experience plus Emmy award winning video production with:

Capture your story and share it with the world. Forever.
The discovery process is extensive - the problem needs to be understood before next steps are taken. Then carefully crafted solutions are created and implemented.


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  • Story development
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The Power of Words - What's in a Word
Change your words, change your world.
WhyPeople don't buy products or services - they buy why you create them. I help you get clear on your 'Why'.

Stories help us to make sense of what we do and why we do it. We remember them, act on them, learn from them and pass them on.

You need more than facts and statistics to be heard today - you need a compelling story. As Daniel Pink said in Forbes Magazine, "Once upon a time, business could ignore story. Doing that today though, could spell the end."
I have a dream
Make your idea matter.
Denise Summers
Denise Summers BAC
(Bachelor of Applied Communications)
Principal Amphora Communications
Let me help you cut through the clutter to get at the core of what you offer so your audiences will care about you.

Blending a gift for writing with a broad background in communications planning for a range of sectors and with solid relationships with the media, I work with a variety of organizations to get their stories told.
My Story

I've always been intrigued by people's Why and in their stories - it's how I become engaged by and connected to them. I want to know more about who they are and what they do. In the work I've done with various organizations over the years, I saw many communications strategies fall flat because they didn't engage their audience(s) and tell them a story that touched their hearts and minds. The facts are important, but they need to be combined with a strategic story that can be heard, not just listened to, and then believed, acted upon and shared. I've been lucky enough to make my living sharing my clients' stories and helping them to explain their Why.

Client Stories

"Denise has consistently proven to be a creative force, and an adept storyteller. She understands the power of storytelling for contemporary organizations wanting to connect their brand with the communities around them. Denise recently crafted several stories about our exhibits and their impact, one of which brought tears to our funder’s eyes."

- Alison Pidskalny - Vice President, TELUS World of Science
"The Forzani & McPhail Screening Centre wanted to share the story of the work we've doing over the last seven years, help patients understand what to expect when undergoing a colonoscopy, inform research teams and connect with potential donors. Denise did an outstanding job of helping us accomplish those goals by crafting all the messaging for two websites and facilitating the production of three videos. The results have been fantastic--patients now have a better understanding of the process and how critical it is to have regular screening through the compelling stories of cancer survivors. Our 'Why Donate' video connects with potential philanthropists through stories of why others donated to the Centre including heartfelt descriptions of their experiences with cancer."

- Steven Heitman MD, MSc, FRCP Medical Director – Forzani & MacPhail Colon Cancer Screening Centre
"Denise's facilitation of a storytelling workshop for Calgary Food Bank board members, employees and volunteers demonstrated we were under-utilizing one of our most precious assets-our stories. By contrasting the effect of a fact-filled presentation and a targeted purposeful story on the workshop attendees, we saw how we could use this powerful tool to more easily achieve organizational goals, strengthen partnerships, develop new relationships and bring others along on our journey. As a charitable organization in an environment where competition for support is fierce, telling the stories of our clients, partners and volunteers expands understanding and awareness of our performance in and for the community."

- James McAra, CEO Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
The Calgary Food Bank wanted to reclaim the Guinness Book of World Record for collecting the most non-perishable food in one day. They needed to reach as many Calgarians as possible to support their effort — this is the story I helped them get told in the Calgary Herald.
"Amphora Communications created and implemented an overall communications strategy for us to get our story out to a much broader audience than we could have on our own. By working with Denise and her team, we were able to clearly define our key messages and choose the right tools to reach our market. A big win for us, among other things, was having Amphora Communications get AFTI featured in Alberta Oil, The Calgary Herald, New Technology Magazine and in the Society of Petroleum Engineers JPT magazine."

- Len Johnson, President, Advanced Flow Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Flow Technologies has a unique product oil and gas producers weren't aware of. They needed their story to be told where industry would see it - I helped them get it told in New Technology Magazine, Alberta Oil and the Calgary Herald.
"Denise has a unique ability to help organizations use the power of communications and storytelling to reach the hearts and minds of the people who directly influence their success. Your organization will prosper more and faster with Denise at your side."

- Nadine Nicholson, ABC, CPCC - CEO, Nadine Nicholson & Co.
Other client stories I've helped get told.
  • Encana
  • Suncor
  • United Way of Calgary and Alberta
  • SAW Communications
  • Forzani & MacPhail Colon Cancer Screening Centre
  • Anduro Marketing
  • NUCCA Chiropractic
  • Wilson Laycraft LLB
  • Kicker Inc. Video
  • First Calgary Savings
  • Gamma-Tech Industries
  • Calgary Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
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