Our custom process uncovers the ‘right’ story

Compelling stories and messages to capture hearts and minds

First, research

Through my Really Big Why? Discovery Process© with you and/or key team members, I gain an understanding of you and your Big Why – the reason you do this work, your business, the market and the stories behind it. I’m like a story detective — I dig deep and ask all the tough questions.

Together, we then choose the right story to align with your goals and to expand your reach.

A sound strategy

Then we need to create a strategy to tell that story. Without a carefully considered strategy, even the greatest story won’t achieve your objectives.

A content strategy researches your audiences, defines your story and positions it.

Before we create your content strategy, it’s critical to do the preparation. First, we do more research and analyze our findings and create a budget.

  • Who else is doing this work?
  • What do they stand for?
  • How can you differentiate yourself?

What’s a story without an audience?

Together, we’ve dug deep and found the right story. Now we need an audience for it. Now we do even more research to find the people who are looking for you, their pain points, and where they live online and elsewhere.

Build and execute your strategy

Finally, it’s time to create a targeted plan built on your goals and your audience. Once that’s completed, we then begin executing it.

Measure results

Once we’ve begun executing your strategy, we need to see if we’re getting the results we’re after. Is it reaching your audience? Does anything need tweaking?