Be Seen, Heard and Understood

Simple and compelling stories
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What if the problem isn’t your product or service?

What if it’s the story you’re telling about them?

It doesn’t matter how expensive or beautiful your marketing materials are, if your target audience doesn’t understand within 5 seconds what you’re offering, they’ll ignore you.

What’s in it for them?

Without a clearly communicated message about how you make your customers’ lives better, you’re just another product, service or commodity trying to gain attention in an already crowded and noisy marketplace.

Be Seen, Heard and Understood

I work with business founders and leaders to help them dig deep to find the true story that creates resonance with their audience.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my amazing clients have to say:

I help you find the true authentic story that creates resonance with your audience.

Denise was able to capture my thoughts and translate them to the written word better than anyone I’ve come across.”

Andrea McManus, Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, ViTreo Group

Working with Denise to create my first business book was so simple and enjoyable because of her process.”

Wendy Giuffre, President and Principal Consultant, Wendy Ellen Inc.

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