Preserve your legacy in a Book.

Your unshared story is a lost gift. We’ll help you save and share it.

Frustrated, and don’t know how and where to start?

Overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all on your own?

 Lacking the confidence in your ability to write your book?

We help you create a Legacy Book you’ll be proud to pass on.

Frustrated because you don’t know how or where to start?

You’ve led a wonderful life filled with adventures, hopes, dreams and challenges. You have a story to tell. How do you bring it all together? The stories of your life could already be written down, others are memories, while others are told through photos. What do you keep? How do you put it all together?

We’ve helped many clients over the years. We know what to do and we’ll guide you through it. Let’s work through it together.


Overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all on your own?

Concierge services mean you choose how much help you’d like. We’re here to support you with as much help as you need. We can also support you by doing all the interviews and research, writing and organizing images.

We’ve been doing this for many years. Working together, we can help you preserve the pieces that are the most important to you and create a wonderful heirloom for future generations. 

Lacking the confidence to write your own book?

Many people think about creating a Legacy Book. The reason they often don’t follow through is because they don’t feel confident about the outcome. You can do this. You’re not alone. Some of our clients felt this way at first and we were there to guide them in preserving their life stories for their families and friends. 

We’re here to guide you and support you the whole way.


If you don’t capture your legacy, your stories may be forgotten. 

Meet Denise Summers, the expert guide who’ll help create your legacy book.

Since 2007, Denise Summers has helped her clients to tell their stories including projects as diverse as legacy books for a World War II Veteran and a family who were part of the early oil and gas industry and large ranch owners in Alberta. She has also worked with a multi-national oil company needing help during a takeover to bring new employees into the future, to ghostwriting the first business book for a successful local HR company. Throughout Denise’s career, she has worked with several individuals and business owners to create and publish their books. With other experts including a graphic designer and a publisher on her team, Denise offers as much support or as little as her clients require. 


An amphora is used to preserve wines, delicacies, and scrolls. We can think of no better visual metaphor for what we do in preserving your memories for generations to come.

A three-step process designed to create and publish your book.


We start with an initial meeting so we can establish the vision for your book, along with goals, timelines, and budget.


Our writers, editors and designers work to ensure your book is something you’ll be thrilled to pass on.

Print &

We work with you to design a book cover that fits your story as well as you. Files are prepared for the printer.

I’m a Doctor, not a book publisher, so when it was time for me to self-publish my first book, I did not have the knowledge, skills or time to do it well and quickly. So I enlisted the help of Denise Summers to help me make it happen. She made the process seamless and easy and I ended up with a beautiful result, all at a fee that was fair and reasonable. I could not be happier.
Dr. Larry Stanleigh
Founder and Owner of
Wildwood Dental Clinic
Denise has edited three of my short stories, one of which was published. She is my book coach for a new business book I’m writing. She’s a talented communicator, reviews work with a critical eye, is honest and constructive, and isn’t afraid to “kick butt” in a respectful way. I highly recommend her if you are planning to write a book. Your chances of completing it will increase exponentially with Denise as your guide.
Dr. Wilma Slenders, MSM, PCC
Entrepreneur, Management Consultant and
Executive Coach

You have a story to tell. You’ve built a timeless legacy that you can be proud of. Don’t let your story be left untold. 

You’ve done it.

You published a book sharing your legacy.

Generations will thank you.