Video Storytelling

Harness the power of video to tell your story

What’s a story without an audience?

Together, we’ve dug deep and found your right story, the one your audience wants to hear, that has meaning for them. Through the process we’ve gone through together, discovering your why and your story, we now understand who your audience is and where they live.

Harness the power of video storytelling

To truly connect with your target audience, it’s critical to share on a regular basis. You can do that through blog posting, social media content, newsletters and more.

Another powerful way to share your story and connect is through video marketing.

Video for creating connections

There’s nothing better for allowing your customers to see inside your business, get a sense of who you are and begin to develop a connection.

Video also allows your audience to learn experientially and to see your process.

Amplify your brand on Stand Out!

Be a featured guest on the video series I’ve created celebrate the successes of women founders and business leaders. Through a partnership with national media expert Mario Toneguzzi and Calgary and Edmonton’s Business Online News Platforms, sharing your featured video through their social media benefits from their following — 25,000+ social media followers, 3.5 million Twitter impressions and a social media strategy designed to continue to share your story.

Celebrating the successes of women founders and business leaders

Kim Blanchette
Senior VP & General Manager
Argyle Public Relations
Callie B. Elwayns
Bold & Visible Program
Lindsay White
Founder & CEO
High Voltage Coaching
Alice Lam
Volly App
Katherine Eriksen
VP Business Development, NA
Energy Resourcing Group
Dr. Angela Mulrooney
Unleashing Influence

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