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As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe leaving its impact on everyone personally and professionally, I became intrigued by the stories I was hearing about businesses in Calgary. Everywhere I turned, I heard another story about how business owners and leaders had dug deep for the resiliency and grit our city is renowned, sought ways to keep their companies alive and relevant while also going out of their way to support each other and the community.

I thought about how others would want to hear those stories and how they might give hope. In June 2020 I began to interview business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders from a range of sectors. You can find their stories here. Some of them have shared their hopes for their businesses and others as well as what’s helped them to survive.

COVID Chronicle #YYC Episodes

Episode #1 Leadership and Business Coach Susan Elford’s talks about her experience during the COVID pandemic and how she stepped up to help her client base and new clients who required support during the crisis.

Episode #2 Calgary’s coolest photo booth owners, Jo Williams and Monique de St. Croix of Hip Image regal us with how they came up with their brilliant business idea, started it just as a major economic downturn emerged followed by not one but two global crises. And they’re still going. Tune in for some fun stories and some wisdom from two entrepreneurs who each also have another successful business alongside Hip Image.

Episode #3 Branding expert Rob Schmidt of Rebox shares with us how he and his team work with companies to help them have a better brand story. We talk about how ReBox has had to shift during the pandemic, and Rob, a long time and successful business owner, shares his advice with small business owners and entrepreneurs on how they can strengthen their brands during the re-opening and going forward.

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The COVID Chronicles
Join me each Tuesday and Thursday as Calgary’s incredible and resilient business people share their stories and their hope for the future.